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    hey -

    My palm won't sync for a few months now, it is stuck during the calendar stage.
    when i skip it, it finished the sync properly.

    what can i do ?
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    Try to use dbFixit from Pimlico.
    My wife has bad calendar entries on her Treo, bad dates (prior 1975 I think).
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    There may be database corruption causing the issue. Click on the following link for the program called DbFixiT. This program has a trial version that you can download and install on your Palm OS device. The trial version will scan for database corruption and then report the corruption. You can then find the records causing the problem and fix them yourself or you can purchase the program and have it automatically fix the records.

    Pimlico Software - DbFixIt

    To install the program, set all conduits to "do nothing" except quick install or install if using Palm desktop 6.2.

    After you install the program on the handheld, run the scan and also scan for Blobs in the calendar.
    After you clean-up the database on the handheld, set the conduits in hotsync to handheld overwrites desktop and perform a hotsync.

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