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    Hey all. It's funny how little I've been in the Centro forum since the Pre announcement.

    Went through another USB cable, and I have two Centro's to sell that I needed cables for. Found them on ebay for a buck. They're advertised as cables for the 650, but they looked exactly like the Centro cable. I ordered five of them and sure enough they were the Centro cable. Same part number and everything. So if you need them, it's tough to beat.

    ebay auction
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    I believe that is just a sync cable. Have you verified that it also charges?
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    Why would I make the thread stating it as a charging cable and that I ordered them and already have them if I didn't know they charged on top of stating they are the OEM Palm cable that came with the Centro, same part # and all?
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    Sorry, I was imprecise. What I meant to indicate is that I believe that a separate power source is needed for charging. It is my understanding that this cable will not charge the phone directly from the USB connection.
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    I know what you meant. Do you own a Centro? Did it come with a USB cable? Does that cable charge your Centro when plugged into a USB port on your computer? The answer should be yes. This is that same cable. Not sure what other way I can explain it.

    The older OEM cables for the older Treos were fatter and had a spot to plug in the AC adapter. This is not the case with the Centro. This isn't rocket science here.
    Pixi: Sold. Pre: Passed off to another rep. Touchpad: Just a toy until Cloud syncing arrives, and a better doc editor.
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    Not sure why you feel the need to be insulting (twice!) to someone who's just politely raising a potentially relevant issue. To answer your question: Yes, I have a Centro (for well over a year) and my wife does too. They both came with what was clearly designated as a sync cable. They also came with a charger. The manual we received clearly indicates that for charging, the charger must be plugged in. P. 34 is particularly relevant. (I have heard reports that with the sync cable alone, a trickle charge is available, but that it would take days to fully charge the phone that way. I have not tried to verify this.) The manual is PN:406-11134-00 v. 1.0.
    Perhaps you have a newer Centro and they have changed the cable. Perhaps the manual was wrong and has now been corrected. Or perhaps (inconceivable as this may seem) YOU are wrong.
    At any rate, I might recommend treating polite posters with politeness in return.
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    I have been using the sync cable for charging my Centro since the initial charge. The only time I use the wall plug is when I am away on vacation somewhere.
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    I have an old black centro and a new green one. both have always charged via the usb cable. everyone in my company has a centro from day one and all charge via usb sans the ac adapter. It definitely doesn't take days to fully charge, not even a day. the cable that came with my black one is the same as the one that came with my green one is the same as the one on ebay for a dollar.

    Instead of questioning everything and relying on the manual, why not just plug yours in and see what happens?

    And same here on the AC charger.

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