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    My Palm 700p locked up on the incoming call screen. Tried all the buttons and nothing works. I'm not a techi at all but have gone to Treo's help site and have found that I need to hard restart which means I will lose all of my data. This is where I am in BIG trouble. I've been trying to hotsync on my pc and and it simply won't hotsync. I've done everything by the book but the program simply isn't syncing. If anyone can ofer some advice or even if there is such a place to have this done in the Toronto area please let me know. Desperate to get the data off. Thanks!
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    Have you tried a soft reset?

    And have you ever successfully performed a hotsync? Sometimes the software needs to be reinstalled on the PC, although that is probably not your problem.
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    I can't do a soft reset as it is completley locked up. I've reloaded my palm software, downloaded an new version and made sure the hotsync manager appears, I find the hotsync icon, but nothing "saying" to actually hotsync.
    And yes I have hotsynced before, usually I just connected and hit the hotsync on the phone, but it's been at least 6 months and I am learning a serious lesson. Any suggestions??
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    Did you try taking out the battery?

    You could get a backup program like NVBackup or Resco Backup and back up to your card so if you really did need to hard reset, you would have a backup. You could also try to uninstall and re-install your Palm software.
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    Take the battery out. I vote for that one. Hope for a healing.

    If you've tried a soft reset and that didn't work, then you may get the hard lesson. Hope not! Good luck.

    Do a search on here for lockups before you hard reset though. I haven't had the problem but I seem to remember reading about others who did and were able to save their data.
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    Hey, Gina, I thought of one more thing to try. Do a find manuever -- the black key on the left and the one with the magnifying glass -- and if find opens put in something you know is on the phone. When I first had my phone I got stuck in some older software. That got me out. Probably won't work, but you never know.

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