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    Hi All,
    I've now purchased two 2400mAh batteries for my 680. The first one would not charge, if it was plugged into the wall charger the LED would glow red but the phone would not turn on after 24 hours of "charging", if I tried to use the USB cable to charge the LED stayed off. Taking the battery out and putting it back in starts the phone loading on the orange logo palm screen but when the black bar at the bottom gets to the end where the screen usually goes dark and then reloads it just stays off. I sent the first battery back thinking the problem was with the battery, but the second battery is doing the same exact thing. Any ideas? Thanks, Marc
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    Can't answer your specific problem, but I've recently had to exchange an extended battery back to Seidio (which they accommodated with no problem) because the battery wouldn't hold a charge. There might be a group of "lemons" which simply are bad. The replacement bettery Seidio sent me works perfectly - holds a charge for several days. My advice - send them an e-mail or call them & get a RMA #. They will send you a replacement BEFORE you send yours back.

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