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    When you send your phone to RMA you fill in a webform and from a droplist you select the type of problem the phone have. Atleast, this is how it works in Europe. You then get issued a RMA-number so that you can track the progress of the service.

    Now, ive returned the Centro twice within a few weeks and both times I did select the Freezing Device option to describe what problems it got.

    However, none of these times have the repair center themself labeled it as a freezing issue, instead it was labeled as broken microphone (something that was functioning just perfectly) Second time they didnt label it as freeze/lag problem either.

    If we return our phones with a freeze issue and they get re-labeled as something else how in the world are they going to fix the problem?

    Conspiracy, anyone?

    Would be interesting to know if others have noticed this.
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    First, freezing issues are mostly caused by software issues. This can range from use of 3rd party apps, incompatible 3rd party apps, or corrupted data. I recommend hard resetting the device and avoid syncing any data or installing any apps for a day or 2 to see if the problem occurs.

    If you are still having issues, maybe write to the Palm Headquarters in your region:

    European Headquarter
    Palm Europe ltd.*
    59-60 Thames Street
    Berks SL4-1TX
    United Kingdom

    Letters work wonders.
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    Thanks, tried almost everything and dont want to clutter this thread with it too. Basicly it will freeze whatever I do, hard reset or sending it to RMA it will still freeze. Got a suggestion in freezing thread that it might be the operatore causing this as a change of SIM and operator helped.

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