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    When i place a call, i cant here the ringing on the earpiece and it suddenly drops after a few seconds. i tried calling at a local landline no. but the result is i can hear the phone ringin but no ringing on my earpiece..

    also when i receive a call, i cant here nor the other line cant here me talkin.

    Other feature like texting and other stuffs work normal..

    I have tried a hard reset with the phone but still same thing happens..

    Any suggestion i should try?

    pLS help..

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    It sounds like you've been using your headphone jack. What you describe is a common problem in a 680, caused by a mechanical connection in the cheezy headphone jack not letting go.

    Try plugging the headphone jack in and out very quickly a dozen times and see if it fixes it. If not, there's a software solution called "Headcold" that tells the phone, basically, to ignore the headphone jack.

    See if any of that works.

    There are countless discussions about this problem on these message boards that describe other "solutions" from toothpicks to Q-tips -- do a search.
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    I have a similar problem where upon unplugging the headphones the 680 still thinks it's in headphone mode. It started up again yesterday and I repeatedly tried the in/out trick, to no avail.

    I finally solved it by grabbing a bobby pin and rolling it along the inner left wall of the jack. What's funny is that I'm actually able to switch the sound on and off that way. It's very bizarre, and I'm not an electrical engineer or anything so I don't know how it's affecting it negatively. But, heck, it works!

    Here's a link to the 'tool' that I used:
    Bobby Pin on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    This can happen sometimes when debris gets built up in the jack.

    There is an article on the Palm website regarding this issue. Go to and in the upper right corner of the screen is a search box. Input the following number, hit enter on the keybd. or click on the magnifying glass by the search box and it will go to the article regarding the headset jack issue. The article number is 40427.

    There is also a product support page for your Treo. Click on support from the home page. go to view all devices, selet Treo, select your model Treo and carrier. This will go to the support page. On that page are tabs. usually on the learn tab is the user guide for your Treo. There are also updates for your Treo, if needed, on the download tab.

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