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    Where can I find a copy?

    I originally got this with an M515. not sure if it was on the CD (which is long gone for me), or one of those extras thay include. It was there for a year or two, and then an upgrade for the Palm Desktop became available and it was replaced with a so-called newer version.

    The "older" version I'm looking for had some kind of plain text configuration file on the desktop, that cross referenced rows and columns in an Excel spreadsheet to dates, dollar (or other currency) amounts, expense types, etc., etc. When synced, the desktop conduit invoked excel and put the entries from the M515 handheld into a new Excel spreadsheet in the correct cell locations. It worked well, simle and easy to use, provided you had it configured correctly.

    Where did it go, why did they replace it, and most importantly where can I find a copy of it to install, including the desktop conduit on an M515 or a Sprint Centro?
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    The Expense app is not on any Palm Desktop downloads as it was not included with all device models. Your best bet would be to hunt up an install CD on ebay. As I do not have a Centro, I'm not sure if the app is included or, if it is, whether it is the version you seek. The m515 used PalmOS4, not all apps for that version are compatible with Garnet (OS5.4.x).

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