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    i've been using Chatter-email for a year and there's always been an issue: I can't send mail from almost all my accounts to my company's pop3 account.
    I can't also send mail to my colleagues (same pop3).

    That pop3 is handled by Network Solutions

    Anybody else (with a pop3, imap or hotmail account) will receive my messages.

    If i use webmail or any desktop application (Outlook, Thunderbird) there is no problem. So my addresses aren't blocked.

    The problem always happens when the message is sent from Chatter or Versa (with either Gmail, Hotmail, and that pop3) to my company's pop3.


    If i send a mail from my Chatter gmail account to my work pop3 account it won't arrive. It doesn't even appear in spam folder.
    However if i send it to any other pop3 or Imap or hotmail account it will arrive inmediately. And if i send it from Gmail website, it will arrive.

    Same happens if send it through Chatter using the company's pop3 or even hotmail.

    The only account that allows me to send emails with Chatter to me and my collegues is a 3rd party paid Imap idle server.
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    Sounds like you have incorrect SMTP settings.
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    Yeah, password, name, port, et cetera. There really is not a lot involved in this function.
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    i know but everyone else is getting my e-mails.

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