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    Hello to anyone who may be able to help,
    I just got my Sprint 755p used. The first thing I noticed from going from a Motorola Q is that the volume when using the speakerphone is unbearably low. Under the System tab, I clicked on Sounds and set the volume for all applications to 7. I also maxed out the number of clicks on the left hand toggles. At the highest, it is usable in a quiet room. Placing it right against your ear is audibly clear but not loud. At medium settings, it is only audible if you place it right against your ear.

    Does anyone know of a patch or something that could drastically increase the speaker volume?

    Could my speaker be broken?
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    Look at Volumecare and Volumecare Pro. They can be found in software here.

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    I have been using VC Pro for over a year on my 755p trouble free. It is a great app that does what it claims it will do. HOWEVER.....I have sent numerous e-mails since 12/08 to the multiple support addresses for the developer regarding a need for a new reg key when my previous 755p died an ugly death, with no response! I have checked my spam trap with no results. I had also e-mailed them regarding upgrades to their launcher, LauncherX, and have not heard back. One would think they would have a support address w/o a spam trap so all messages could be received by them.

    I like both apps very much, but with no support, this 7 year user of LauncherX moved on to TealOS and will likely do the same if a better replacement for VC Pro can be found. After purchase support means everything!!!
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    If you go with Volumecare make sure to read the directions so you don't blow out your speaker accidentally when first using it.
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    Thanks everyone for your help...I found that even with VC Pro on max boost, the sound that comes out is full of static and low volume.

    Perhaps the speakerphone is broken?

    I did a side by side comparison with a treo 755p at a store. The volume of their phone is at least several times louder.
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    Just for giggles. . . .insert the headphone jack fully and remove it two or three times. If this switch is halfway working, it may affect the speaker volume.

    You did the comparison . . .this unit may have been on sale for a reason . . . . .

    To eliminate any software conflict from the equation. . . . back up and then do a hard reset. If the volume is still too low on speaker . . .it may be broke.
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