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    If I want to
    1. work on a document on my PC, then
    2. put a backup on my Centro (external card), then
    3. make a change to the version on my Centro, then
    4. put the updated version back onto my PC,

    I can do numbers 1-3 ok, but I can't figure out how to do number 4: to put the updated version back on my PC.

    Here's what I do:
    1. On the PC, create or updated any document and save it to the My Documents folder on my PC.
    2. Drag that doc to the Quick Install application (into the external card section) on my PC and then hotsynch. That will put the doc onto the Centro.
    3. On the Centro, pull it up using Docs to Go and make a change.
    4. But when I hotsynch again, I can't find the updated version back on my PC.

    Is there something I have to do on the Centro to tell it that I want to move that copy back to the PC?

    Isn't the hotsynch operation supposed to make a backup copy of all docs from the Centro all the time? Does it do that for docs on the card? Where on the PC does it put them?

    Is any of this related to the settings that I set on the Hotsynch operation - I have set Media to "do nothing" - are docs considered Media??

    And as long as I am asking, is there a better way to do the first few steps? Should I have a dedicated folder on my PC containing the docs that I want to keep backed up on my Centro? Is there an automated way to get the updated versions back and forth without manually dragging the specific documents to the Quick Install folder?

    (Just to clarify - I am NOT trying to make updates on BOTH devices and merge the changes together!! I am really good about only making changes on ONE device at a time, but I want that updated version to then be copied to the other device when I hotsynch).

    Thanks for any advice
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    I assume you have dox to go installed on your pc? If you do, you should be able to see your dox when you open it. If you dont than thats probably where you should start.

    If you do have it installed, What I do is rt click on the file name and it gives me somthing like "send to" dox to go. I dont have my machine in front of me now. But at least I hope this is the start of some help.
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    Thank you!! I didn't realize there was a desktop version of Docs to Go. You know, I asked this same question in a class for new Centro users, which was given by a rep from Palm - they didn't mention the desktop app. I really thought that just hotsynch was enough.

    In case anyone else is reading this looking for the same thing: I found it by clicking on the link in the Bonus Apps section of the install CD that came with my centro.

    This has solved everything!! Many thanks.

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