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    I haven't started searching the forums about this yet but thought I'd post the question here first.
    I've got a generic Bluetooth GPS receiver that I use with TomTom6 on my 680. 30% of the time it pairs ok, 30% of the time it times out and 40% of the time it causes the phone to soft reset.
    Has anyone had this problem before, and managed to fix it? If so, could you please let me know what you did?
    Thanks heaps.
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    You need to make sure the GPS is compatible with your Treo. If it is a "Generic" GPS, it is probably not compatible.

    Go to, click on support, click on phones, click on Treo 680, click on your carrier, click on the solutions tab, click on bluetooth, click on the accessory compatibility list. Look on the list and find the GPS receivers that are compatible with your Treo.
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    I also had some soft-reset problems with my BT for a while. This happened while using both a jawbone (not supported) and a Motorola HS 850 (supported). Basically I'd look at my phone and the BT would be turned off. I'd tap on the BT icon and it would go to the BT menu and say BT was turned off. I'd click on "turn on" it would think for a second and then soft reset. It would tend to do this three times in a row before working for a day or two. I ended up getting it replaced under warranty.

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