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    After moving to an area with poor Verizon coverage, I've switched to a Sprint Centro. All is well except for the crappy MMS (picture mail). I've searched and understand that it's just the way Sprint does it. But, I'm wondering if there are any replacement app options that would be comparable to Verizon's combo of SMS and MMS. Thanks.
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    What exactly are you having a problem with though?
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    I assume they probably hate that you have to go to a link to get a picture message or something like that
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    They do hate it. I was on Cricket(!) and I was always confused why the MMS from Sprint came in such a stupid format. Everyone's just sharing pics from everywhere, but Sprint's got you going to a browser to look at them?

    Now I'm on Sprint and I realize it's not just an option, it is the only way.

    It sucks, and it will likely be the reason I drop the service. But if I can get my Centro to send a proper MMS with another program, however clunky, I'll be fine.

    The whole thing is so dumb. Why not just do it the way everyone else does so your customers don't look like tools?

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