The ear buds that came with it are rather nice, stereo set for listening to music and doubles are a headset for hands-free conversation. Nice indeed.

What I would like is to find a good quality plug/adapter that converts from the quad connection to a regular stereo connection (so I can plug in a headset of my choice) and also have a separate plug for a microphone in case the headset has a separate microphone plug. Mainly I'm interested in being able to hook up a standard 1/4" plug (headset) to listen to music/audio with or even use it to hook to another 1/4" plug to hook into another device such as a car's aux input. (A car that I drive has a 1/4" plug to hook up external audio devices such as MP3 players)

So looking not only for a 1/8" quad plug to 1/4" stereo (and 1/4" mic) plugs, but also a 1/4" stereo to 1/4" stereo plug cable. I know I could go to a local Rudio Shack and pay them an arm and a leg and get what I'm after or at least close to it, but I'd rather be thrifty (ie, spend wisely) and get what I'm after without having to take out a loan.

Additionally, the free screen protector that came with it was a joke. I cleaned off the screen and then when I would try to apply the protector, it would stick everywhere in an effort to not lay on the screen properly. After so many times, it was collecting dirt and made the screen horrendous to look at, so I yanked it off. So any advice on a decent screen protector, especially if it's made to the right size and has a way of reducing bubbles/etc would be nice as well.