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    Hey, I've looked all day for a solution to this problem, and I'm not sure if I'm having the same problem as anyone else here.

    Chapura's PocketMirror will sync my Tasks & Notes (Memo Pad) but it won't sync my Calendar or Contacts to Outlook (2003).

    I've contacted Chapura's technical support via e-mail, and they insist that I need to modify my "Wireless Sync" settings, which I believe is a Verizon-only feature (I'm on Sprint).

    Chapura's only other recommendation involved EAS, which I don't use, and their last resort was to hard reset the phone to bring back "wireless sync" which I'm 99% sure has never been on my phone, and I'd rather eat glass than hard reset my phone.

    If anyone can explain how to resolve this problem, I'd be very grateful. Let me know if I left out any important information. Thanks very much.
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    i finally got this problem solved. Even dbfix didn't solve the problem, at least not initially.

    i ended up removing Palm Desktop and reinstalling it from the original Sprint Treo 755P CD-ROM. It isn't even using the Chapura during HotSync, but I'm gonna leave it just like it is until it doesn't work. I wish I knew what the problem was so someone else could learn from this, too. I guess it's just like any technical problem on these phones- anything's fixable, it's just a matter of how much time you have and how high your blood pressure is. best of luck to you.
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    The Palm software uses a version of chapura. You wouldn't really need to use PocketMirror, unless you have Outlook sub-folders to sync. The built-in chapura software won't do that.

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