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    I just upgraded to a 755p from a 700p on Alltel. When I open my Palm Desktop I have redundant icons on the left side of the page:

    To Do
    Quick Install

    The "Date" and "Calendar" are not syncing the same. If I add an event on my 755p it only syncs to the "Calendar" in the desktop. When I first open the desktop, my default view is the "Date".

    When I open "Calendar" I get a message box that says "An ActiveX control on this page might be unsafe to interact with other parts of the page. Do you want to allow this transaction?"

    Is this a bug in the Access program? Any suggestions on how to get rid of the multiple icons?
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    any help?
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    Are you sync'ing the 755 to the same username in Palm Desktop as the 700P?
    If you are, this will cause problems on the new device. When you sync the device, it saves the device settings, 3rd party apps, preferences, etc. in the backup folder in the username folder on the PC. When you sync the new device it copies the contents of the backup folder for the old device to the new device. This will cause corruption in the settings for the new device thus causing erratic behavior of the new device.

    When you get the error message, do you click an ok box to continue to open the Calendar or does Palm desktop stop?

    At this point you may need to export your data, "clean" uninstall Palm desktop and re-install. Let me know your Windows version, XP or Vista and I will provide the uninstall instructions.

    There is an article on the Palm kb website regarding upgrading your Treo.

    Go to and in the upper right corner of the page is a search box, enter 12926 and under Solutions, you will see an article that says:
    Upgrading from a previous Palm OS handheld.

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