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    Hello everyone

    I'm going to keep this semi short and ultra sweet :-)

    I just purchase an AT&T branded 680 which is unlocked.
    I'm using a TMobile sim card. Now calling is just fine but I now
    added Tmobile $24.99 internet bundle and can't seem to get on the net so...

    1. Do I need to update my firmware in order to be able to surf the net?
    Because I thought since the phone was unlocked and gsm it shouldn't

    2. Is it because AT&T is WAP and Tmobile is GPRS? Is there anyway to get around this or am I just stuck with the bundle for the next month?

    All answers and responses are truly appreciated.

    Also if you were on the forum around late 06. I'm one of the employees from the old palm store in the San Fran airport and I want to thank you for allowing myself and Johnnie Tech in this awesome world you guys call "Treo Central"

    Thanks and have an awesome evening :-)

    Lady_Treo a.k.a Stephanie

    P.S apologize for the awful gramatical errors in the subject line
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    Go to:

    T-Mobile Wireless Data Configurator

    And follow the instructions for the Treo 650. Make sure you check the settings for MMS multimedia messaging also.

    Good luck!

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