Hi all,

A few weeks ago, I was cleaning out my car and vacuuming it out. I think the 4 inch piece that attached to the Sprint Charger that connects to the Treo got sucked up.

I am trying to see if my friend (whose vacuum I used) did not empty the bag so I can check.

But just in case (and I am not hopeful here), I wanted to see if anyone who got rid of there 650 still had the charger with that piece that attached to the end of the charger and connects to the Treo.

I think Sprint made this charger universal, so it was one charger and then you attached a 4 inch piece of wire that had the appropriate fitting for the phone you had.

I don't seem to be able to find this piece online and I just don't want to have spend the money on another car charger.

Heck, I've put some money aside for a new phone which will probably be the new Palm 'Pre'. So putting money into the 650 is not really something I want to do.

So if you can help let me know. I will pay for shipping of course.



PS I live in New York City, specifically Astoria Queens and I do have a car, so I can travel.