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    My sprint treo755p froze on the "access" screen and sprint replaced the phone. I was able to hot sync and restore the built in apps. on my new phone.
    I have had to reinstall all my 3rd party apps. However, there was data in some of those apps (splashshopper, exercise and diet app) that did not get transferred in after the hot sync. Is there a way to import my lists and the rest of the data....or is it gone forever and I have to start building those lists again. The the later is the case, how do I prevent that from happening again?
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    Hi Maggiemae- the answer to your question is really important but also so easy- I cannot recommend Resco Backup enough. It is the #1 most important app on my phone bar none. It backs up your treo daily and you can wipe it anytime and restore it EXACTLY the way it was before. I just took my phone in to be serviced. I wiped it at the store with a hard reset, had the repair done, and restored my phone to the identical state it was in before the repair, all in minutes. It's the best app for backing up. Your data may be lost this time but if you use that app you won't have this problem again.
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    A hotsync should restore everything including the databases. It sounds like you changed the username and it just synced the basic data. Your old databases should be in a folder in the Palm folder in Program Files. The folder would be named something like your old username, and the date would be in a folder named Backup. If you can find this, then you can pull your database files out of there and put them in the Install tool and sync them.
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    Immediately get a backup program for that new treo, I highly recommend Resco Backup, it puts the backups on your storage card so you will need one of those in your phone too. Sustain a crash like yours once and it will pay for itself, as you can entirely restore your phone in minutes with no hotsync required. I have mine set up to back up my phone nightly at 3AM.
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    There are two other backup programs which are also good: BackupMan (BitsnBolts Software), which is shareware and NVBackup (which is freeware or donation ware).

    NVBackup backs up an 'image' of your memory, so the developer does not guaranty compatability across devices, however I have not encountered any problems with it and I have had to replace several units (one due to Access-screen-of-death, like yours).

    Both BackupMan and NVBackup will do scheduled unattended backups.

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    Other than not being able to back up the media directory, you cannot beat NVBackup. Pristine restores (of everything else) and free to boot.

    Edited to add: NVBackup is device specific though. No guarantees, and it may not restore to different hardware or even different versions of the OS.
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    I cannot stress enough how much I love NVBackup ..

    Set it to do a nightly cycle, and use a cycle of 7 .. so you end up /w 7 discrete backups.

    I had a fun crash at a client ... phone just ... reset .. sat @ the access logo for a while, then came back up as if it'd never been .. used

    Restored it (I had a feeling it was a site I'd tried to go to with Blazer, that made the phone go wonky) .. except for the Blazer settings (becase you can do a selective restore) .. and all good..

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