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    Hi All,

    I just got a new H700 for my Treo 650, my Jabra went out, so I thought I would try this. My wife has one with her LG Chocolate and loves it.
    I on the other hand am having trouble. It paired fine, when I open up the boom, the phone comes on and shows the bluetooth icon,like it is connected, When I place a call, the headset icon does not appear and I cannot hear anything through my headset. This puzzles me considering it paired fine and opening the boom mic turns on the phone.

    Thank you,
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    Did you crank the volume on the headset up. On the H700, there are two volume buttons, volume up and volume down.

    Also, make sure the headset is fully charged and that the phone volume is turned up.......

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    Sure did, tried both volume buttons and let it charge all night. It was Full green when I took it off.
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    Any other headsets paired with your 650 and might be turned on in the vicinity of your 650?

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