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    Hey guys -

    Never had a problem with my 700p til now - it deleted half of my address book on the phone. The complete address book is intact on my Palm Desktop (7.0.2) but whenever I try to HotSync the phone, it only syncs the To Do List, Memo Pad, Media and Backup. All options are clicked on the HotSync Manager.

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    Whenever I just choose Address Book, the HotSync lasts 3 seconds and doesn't do anything...I'm afraid to hard reset and not get any of that info on my phone.
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    Figured it out, it was a conflict with an ActiveSync email account that I have. I deleted that account on my Treo and everything sync'd. However, I need the account on there, but don't want my employer to see my contact list/calendar. How do I get around that?
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