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    Hello guys,

    A quick note for people who already have the game (alpha or beta testers) and who may find landing really hard (it is hard to land an F-16 or any plane for that matter!) Please find above a screen shot of what you should see on final when you almost ready to land. I know the user guide describe the landing but sometimes a good picture is much better than a 1000 words (or in my case 10000000 words the way I tend to describes things )

    I should be able to send out version 1.2b very soon.

    Hang in there!


    ps: The above image assumes you are landing with very few amount of fuel (as when returning from a bombing strike) AND no bombs. If you returning from a strike mission and still have some bombs left (maybe you run out of fuel or had a sub-system failures that forces you to go back to base) then the speed here shown (about 160 Knots) will need to be higher to reach the same setup.
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    EDIT: I attached the current user guide to give an idea of what the game is about.

    Hi guys,

    I am in the final phase of the game and hope to release very soon. The problem? I need couple more beta testers to make sure the game has no serious issues (so far so good) but also I need to figure out which Palm OS 5.0+ device can run the app. So if you are into flight simulation (or simply want to help me found which device can run the game) I would appreciate if you could PM your email and device type and I will send you the game right away.

    I almost there...

    Thank you again for your patience.

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    Hello guys,

    I am still desperately looking for beta testers! I will not be able release until I have enough beta testers to get back to me so I can clear the game for release. I am particularly interested in finding out which Palm device (OS 5.0+) can run the game.

    Thank you again for support. I need it big time!

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    This is it.... I have just sent the release version (to my patient beta testers) and praying that there is no major bugs. I fixed some issues that you guys found on version 1.0R2 like:

    1- Promotion after **** General rank: Fixed, now the system simply stop promoting and then display a message telling to reset your LogBook if you want the start from scratch.

    2- If a game was saved then exited completely, the next time your start the game and resume, the roll controls did not work (left/right banking): Fixed

    3- The closest SAM missile distance indicator (red number under the ARM button) froze sometimes until the next missile launch: Fixed

    You can expect a game release in the next couple days (need to cleanup the user guide and prepare the app for release)

    Two years+ in the making, this app was a challenge that would not have been possible without the kind help of great people in this forum. THANK YOU ALL!

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