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    Hello Mad_hat.

    Thanks for trying the software. I am happy that it runs on your Treo 650. It is still an alpha version. Unfortunately, the manual is only a PDF at this time. The manual is still rough but you could print it (only few pages) But the idea of a iSilo version is a good one. I will look into it.

    Enjoy and fly safe (SAM's are nasty in the "hard" game level setting..Mach 3!)

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    Thats a good idea - to print it. But iSilo means we can read it awhile and then fly.....
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    I agree...Once the game is in beta version and the manual is more advance, I will make an iSilo version available.

    Let me know how the game works out and if you have any questions.

    Thanks a lot mad_hat

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    I have been trying Viper One for some time now. It is quite a challenge for me. Of course the videos on You Tube make the task much easier.

    Taking Off -OK
    A-G Strike - OK

    But Landing is killing me. I need a few life insurances as I have managed to successfully crash every time I landed !!

    I am unable to make out the audio comments every few minutes which come up. Is it just for effect? It sounds pretty realistic anyway.

    Very nice - thanks for letting me try it out. When do you release the next version?
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    Hello Mad_Hat

    Thank you so much for your report. I really appreciated it. Yes landing is a "KILLER"!!! You have to watch many things at the same time (angle of attack, distance and altitude, ILS bars...) The fact that there is no outside reference like a runway is very hard. I am hoping to add a simple 3D runway at some point but probably not in the first release. That 's why the combat missions will allow you to skip landing when you come back from a bombing run. The idea is to give you a lot of time to learn how to land but at least you can do fun missions in the meantime. The way it works (I am not you have that version or not) but once you come back very close to your airbase (<10 miles) AND if you had checked the box "skip landing" in the game options window then the system will welcome you with a message and refuel/re-arm while you are still in the air! This auto refill will allow to continue your combat missions (finish up the enemies based) without you having to lose your life landing! Of this "skip landing" option will penalize you (in term of scores and you will not be able to reach higher ranking than Captain) but it will give time to train on how to land safely.

    Yes the sounds are just effect. I am hoping to add some more so it won't be always the same at random time intervals.

    In term of timing of next version, I am still hard at work (when I can) Still working on the scoring (almost done) and started working on the "sub-systems failures" so your radar, engine, fuel systems and other can fail at anytime! This part will probably wait for the version 1.9 alpha. I really want to release 1.8 alpha to my alpha testers and then I will just release a public version after that. I did not realize how much work is involve with a realistic F-16 combat flight simulator. A lot of moving parts...

    In any event, enjoy the current version and apologize to all about how slow this game is progressing.

    Take care.
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    Hello again Mad_Hat

    I think I see what you mean with having hard time landing. landing is probably the more difficult part of flying an F-16 (especially at night like in ViperOne) What I will do for version 1.8a is double the runway length to 24000 feet (4 miles) That should give you plenty of space to land. The current version (1.7a) detect when you are touching outside the runway and consider that a jet crash (not unrealistic assumption!) I will keep the current runway length to 12000 ft (2 miles) for game level "normal" and "difficult"

    Hope this will help your landing success (at least in the game level = easy)

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    I managed to land a few times, so great for me.

    I noticed sometimes it is hard to keep the plane perfectly level, so can there be some setting for that. It seem to over-correct even with the slightest touch to left or right.

    This is the flight at night only? Is there a day flight planned too? When is the next alpha being released?
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    Congrats! I do have problem landing as well. Like I said I double the length of the runway (only in gameLevel=easy) and it seems to help.

    Are you talking about roll angle changing or the pitch (up/down)? Because of the realistic flight model I had to add a flight computer! (PID controller for people in the know..) and it is very difficult to adjust the parameters. Without this flight computer system (FCS), ViperOne could not be flown (pitch departure as they say) I have noticed that during landing (slow speed) the nose seems to pitch up and many times during landing I have compensate for that. It seems to be related to speed change during the approach.

    Also remember that during landing, you adjust the decent rate (and not really with the pitch up/down) with power which is contra-intuitive. Try to keep the nose (cross) at around +10 degrees pitch and adjust power (thrust) to bring the flight path marker (yellow little plane icon) to about -3 degrees pitch(doted lines) That way, you angle of attack will be around 13 degree (give and take +/- 2 degrees)

    Yes, for now, only night will be available. This is to reduce CPU overload. The flight model takes a huge amount of CPU cycles to make all the flight calculation (the model come from a NASA wind test modeling..) so a night mission is all I can do for now. I am hoping, I friend mine (a genus in fast 3D for Palm) would help me soon add a 3D runway which will really help with situation awareness at night. The runway will be a bunch of light flashing in the distance (like the real think at night)

    I am experimenting with sub-systems random failures right now where the engine can shutdown (forcing you to do a flame-out landing) or a fuel leak and so on. It seems to work...

    I am finishing the scoring system to allow you get points for each missions. It is hard to judge when I can release version 1.8a but I am hoping 1-3 weeks if everything goes well.

    Thank you so much for trying it and for the great feedback. I greatly appreciated it!

    Happy flying.


    ps: I just found why the roll and pitch where sluggish in version 1.7a and lower (problem with the flight computer control paramters!) It will be fix in 1.8a release. Now the F-16 roll/pitch much faster.
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    I was referring to left and right movement, not the pitch (up & own). Not a technical guy so I do not the name for that.

    Thanks for the tips. Amazing software.
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    Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes, I will look into it. I will try to make the aileron controls (left/right) speed dependent. The faster you go the faster the jet will response to your commands (either pitch or roll) So at high speed, a small correction with the pad will have a large effect on the jet attitude.

    Hope this help.

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    I have been able to land with somewhat greater consistency. My technique though is to first rapidly reduce altitude to between 500-1000 ft and braking and reducing engine throttle to idle after reaching around that height to achieve airspeed between 200-250. Then gradually reduce altitude maintaining air speed till touchdown from about 5 miles away. My AoA is generally 6-9 reaching around 13 just before hitting the runway.

    I am landing safely but is that the recommended way? I am also unable to line up with ILS perfectly - so thats a problem. May need a headsup about where I can read up about this or else add that to your ReadMe too....

    Awaiting your next alpha eagerly.

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    Sorry Mad_hat! I read your message but I forgot to answer you. I am very sorry.

    My feeling is do whatever you need to do to land in one piece! Actual fighter pilot seems to have different approaches depending on the conditions. I followed more or less the following procedure:

    In viperone the runway is not visible (yet) so you need to count on the ILS to guide to the runway threshold (start)

    I am working hard to the next alpha version. I will send it to you and my other alpha testers as soon as I can.

    Hope this help. Sorry again for my delayed response.

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    I thought you were too busy. Anyway, I hope you remember I had mentioned if there could be a button or control which would or could bring us to a level flight. In that sometimes I am unable to level the flight - it is slightly tilted left or right so a little bit of a challenge to keep it aligned dead straight on the bombing runs.

    Thanks for the manual. Started reading it. What game is it for? Is it available?


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    No I did not forget about the auto-leveling but I did forget to answer you about it. I think an auto-leveling routine will defeat the purpose of the game, especially when playing with "wind gusts" ON. The all goal is to fly the jet to the target and keep the plane level so to hit the target as close as possible. That what makes the game more difficult when your turn on the "winds"

    BUT you are right to point out that the joystick (5-pad) is too sensitive and do not allow you to finely control the roll rate (banking speed) when you are close to be level. The reason is simple, on the real F-16, the joystick is sensitive to force. The more force you apply on the stick, the higher the roll rate requested. Remenber that a jet like the F-16 and others, you do not control the flight surfaces directly (elevator, rudder and ailerons...) The flight control computer take the forces you are applying on the stick and decide how much angle to move the ailerons for instance.

    In case of Viperone, the problem is that the joystick (ie:5-pad) is not analog but on/off for each direction. In any event, I think I know why Viperone won't let you fine tune the roll angle (rotatation), the more you press on the left/right pad the more roll rate you are requesting BUT when you are almost level, the minimum roll rate is too high so you cannot found a good spot where the plane is level just right. I will fix that in the upcoming version 1.8a.

    Sorry for the long explanation!

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    Thanks for the detailed explanation, I got it now.
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    Just a couple of things to mention: When the landing gear comes down, the speed should reduce faster but it does not. Is that something to be added? Also is there a way to manually put the landing gear down higher than 500 ft altitude, so if we need to reduce the speed faster?

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    Hello mad_hat.

    I did not go into that level of details but I could easily add a small amount of drag that would simulate the landing gear slowing down the jet (a little) I think if you really want to slow down, the way to do it is to use the air brake (center D-pad key) The amount of drag from the air brakes come from NASA aerodynamics data but I could of course increase it a little to give you more slowing power. The reason i made the landing gear up/down automatic is simply because the screen is simply too small to allow one more button for the gear up/down function. I maybe wrong but the gear control is a very small part of the action (happens only when you take-off land) but again I maybe wrong about it.

    By the way, the jet sub-systems failures works great. Each failures has it own probability of failures! There is a "warning" voice alarm that you can reset pressing the "SYS" button the multi-function display. The same display shows which failure (or failures!) is present. So far the following failures are simulated. They maybe more in the future:

    - Fuel: fuel leak is spent faster than normal
    - A/B: can no longer use the after burner
    - ENG: Of course engine off forcing you to do a flame out landing for instance. The engine can come back online in mid-flight if you lucky!
    - RAD: Loss of radar. This is bad if you did not pay attention where your airbase is or the enemy targets were. You will need to keep situation awarness at all time since this failure can happen at anytime (still it is rare)
    - TWS: loss the ability to know where the SAM missiles are. Bad!
    - BRK: Disable the air-brake. Important during landing
    -ELEV, RUD, AIL: 3 different failures (rare) For instance, AIL mean that your ailerons are stuck and so you cannot turn anymore. The failure could be limited in time if you lucky but if not, there is no much to do than eject!
    -WPS: Stands for weapon system and basically means that you cannot drop any bombs at this time. If the failure last too long then you will need to go back to base (either actually land or be 10 miles from the base if you selected "skip landing) Once you have done that then the Jet will be brand new and all failures will be cleared.

    Each failures will have an individual probability (ie: fuel leaks will happen much more often that a stuck elevator!) and will have individual timing. Some will last the length of the mission (a long time) some will only last few seconds and will not disturb too much the mission.

    In any event, I may release 1.8a with this new failures feature before I finish with the scoring system which is giving me a lot of headaches. That way you (and other alpha testers) could take a look at it. Obviously I will still work the scoring system.

    Thank you again for your great questions. It helps me figure out what is important to people and what's not.

    I just hope I could finish faster so I can release a beta version soon!

    Take care.

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    Hello guys,

    I am sorry for the long radio silence. I am happy to report that I sent my great alpha testers version 1.8a yesterday. Version 1.8a includes the "sub-systems failures" module. It also includes the "scoring" module. The scoring works like seen as below. It is a slow going as you can see but I feel I am close to a public beta (of course I said before...

    I will call on beta testers once i get some feedback from the alpha testers on 1.8a.

    Thank you all for your patience.


    ------------------- ViperOne Scoring -------------------

    ViperOne keeps tracks your points as well as your flight history. You get points for training and combat BUT only combat missions are counted in your LogBook and count toward your promotion and medals (not yet implemented) This rule may change in the future (what do you think?) You will get points for landing/bombing training missions but those points are just way for you to jduge if you are making progress. The combat missions points will be added to your "total score" and can be seen in your LogBook window. The "score" button will show you your last mission score. The amount of points awarded (either during training or combat) will depend on your mission settings. You will get "bonus" points if for instance, you checked "enable wind", "enable failures" or unchecked "skip landing"

    Here a quick review of the missions currently available in ViperOne and the end game for each:

    - Take-off: This mission never end. Simply eject once you are in the air.

    - Landing and "flame-out landing":The mission will automatically end when you land and your speed is zero. You cannot land outside the runway (automatic jet crash and not points)

    - AG strike (with and w/o SAM's): The mission end when you destoy the ONE enemy target (status<50%) or your are out of bombs.

    - Combat strike: This is the real thing. You will need to destroy ALL enemy targets (status<50%) AND land/take-off as many time is neccesary to finish the mission. I strongly recommend to check the box "skip landing" at the beginning. If you crash during a landing, the mission is over.
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    Hello guys,

    Sooooooooooo sorry for the long delay! I was hoping to finish completely the app before asking for beta testers. I now find this strategy completely stupid on my part (it took me a while to figure that out. I guess I was afraid of your reaction toward a none finished game...)

    Anyway, Here it is: I would like to solicit your help on finishing/improving the F-16 flight combat simulator known as "ViperOne"

    If at all interested, please PM your email address and Hotsync ID and I will send you the game and a small in-progress "flight manual" I will send a copy to all here who already ask for it in the past. If I forgot you, please PM me.


    1- It will be good if you volunteer, to like this kind of simulator! This is not an easy game to try if not particular interested about (realistic) flight simulation.

    2- Please, please backup your device before trying this (or any beta software for that matter) I Did not lose any data but of course anything can happen. Try at your own risk!

    I will announce here when I have enough beta testers.

    Thank you guys and I really apologize for the long delay.

    Take care all.

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    Hello guys,

    Here some quick update of ViperOne. Version 1.1b has now a promotion module that works. Basically it allows the player to get promoted as the game goes on. Promotion points depends on the results of your bombing missions, game level (easy, normal or hard) and of course game options like "enable winds" or "enable failures". Once you reach a certain level of promotions points, you get promoted to the next rank. There are 10 ranks that span from 2 Lt to 4 stars General.

    To help you judge how far you are from a promotion the game now has a "promotion gauge" that graphically (bar graph) show how close you are from getting a well deserve promotion. Your missions scores are taken to account but not all scores are created equal in ViperOne. For instance training missions are values much less (scored less) than actual combat missions in term of much promotion points you get after a mission. Of course if you get shutdown by a SAM missile (or simply crash on own) the score is zero and no promotion points are allocated.

    I am working with some beta testers at this moment. The game is hard to fully test because there are some many variables like sub-system failures, winds, randomly placed targets and surface to air missile defenses that it is hard for us to test the game fully. For that reason I would like to ask any of you who like those of games (realistic flight combat simulator) to join us in this beta testing period. I have a couple spots available and I will be gratefully if you could help me out on this. After all this time, I am eager to release the game to the general public but I won't until I am convince that the game is relatively stable and do not have a major issues. In short: The game works!

    If you any of you are interested please PM me your email address and your device type and I will send you the game and the user guide. For my current beta testers (you know who you are): THANK YOU!

    Thank you all for your patience.

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