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    I released new software yesterday: RNS:: Speedometer GPS, an application that simply displays the instantaneous speed of any moving vehicle. Plus a few related minor options. The software supports skins, so it should appeal to all of you

    Official website: RNS:: Speedometer GPS
    Download: ZIP, SIT, or PRC

    Oh, BTW. This is probably my last application for Palm OS. There are no new devices, so I don't plan to develop software neither. We're switching to Windows Mobile.

    Thank you all for the support during all those years! I will keep the update releases for all my applications alive, however. Thanks!
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    Tks for the great Palm apps & support in the past.
    Good Luck
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    Any chance you can make this software so we can also view off-road topographic maps and track routes? I ride ATVs in the desert and have been searching forever for a Palm OS program so I don't have to buy a standalone GPS unit. I already use TomTom on my Centro for city navigation, but it does not support off-road.
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    oronzous, nice that we finished Palm OS software development or the application is nice?

    njperry, did you see PathAway? I think it's the software that you're looking for.
    RNS:: software for your Treo!

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