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    Hello, all. I just had a freaky thing start to happen on my otherwise well running 755p.

    When I send a text message, after it has sent, the phone resets. When I go back to the texting program, it shows the message sent.

    I tried deleting some threads, about ten of them, and it seemed to help. But then I sent a few more text messages, and the resets started again.

    Is there a limit as to how many messages I can have on the phone?
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    I'm sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue with your Treo 755P device. It sounds like you possibly could have some corrupted data or an third party application (program) that's causing your device to soft-reset. I recommend backing up all of your data from your Treo 755P device onto your PC, then performing a hard reset. However, before you synchronize all of your data back onto your PDA device I would suggest trying to send out messages. That way you can test and see if the device is actually soft resetting because of possible corrupted data or a third-party application (program).

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