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    I havent tried it yet ( no demo ) but I know alot of folks have been looking for a Golf game for the Palm os / Centro and this seems new. Tiger Woods Golf for the Centro . I play Tiger Woods Golf on my PSP and PS2 and love the game so i will probally get it. just a heads up.

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for Palm OS
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    I saw that today as well. Can you post a review if you get the game? Thanks
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    Just purchased it , I have some errands to run but will try the game out later. I also purchased Who wants to be a millionare. Will mention that also.
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    Played 2 holes of golf and I am not really impressed. It seems to be almost similar to there PAR72 golf game except with the EA Sports logo and tiger woods name. Still no option for another golfer to compete with ( but you can play a tornament , leader board shows other scores) . Ahh was only $9. Iffy if its worth it. maybe I need to play with it more. Graphics stink. Hard to read scores etc on tiny screen.

    Millionare is better, A little hard to read if you dont have great eyes like me but fun game.

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