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    What's the best freeware Evernote clone for Centro? I want the simple "tap-or-type for new note" feature whose absence in Memos makes it a tad clumsy.
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    I am not very familar with that software. However, if you are looking for free 3rd party apps I recommend the one and only site for downloading freeware files for PalmOS handhelds. They might have what you are looking for.

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    Also am not familiar with that software, but if you are willing to pay $10 TreoMemo from GX5 software is fantastic. They do have a free trial; I registered mine after using it for about a half hour.
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    Evernote has a mobile site that you can go to using the web browser. I use Evernote web version when at a computer and Evernote mobile when on my Centro. I don't know of an actual app for Palm OS. They only have an app for the iPhone and Windows Mobile. The mobile version lets you see all of your notes and add quick notes to your account.
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