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    what programs should i install? and is there any browser like skyfire?
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    A search will answer your questions - to answer it briefly, what do you want to accomplish with the device. As for browsers, there is not much of a selection. Blazer or if you do Java, Opera and that has issues of its own.

    Are you really sure you want to go from WM to Palm OS?
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    I've lost my treo 800w (I was dancing and some1 took it...) so the cheapest thing i could find on ebay was a centro..
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    Ok, I understand that. I found the Centro to be a decent device. I suggest putting a list together of what you want to accomplish with the device.
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    The Centro is a GREAT device, the best of all the Treo line. The built-in browser is pretty good. The only better browsers are on the iPhone (but you have to deal with AT&T network) or the Pre, which isn't out yet.
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    how can i install opera mini?
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    Do a search for JAVA and go from there. Java has its own set of issues and for me it was a complete waste of time and I suffered with it for a number of months before giving up on it.

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