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    So my Centro has been fine, and I've been using the Treo Battery app to monitor my battery usage, since I had a quick drain the second day I had the phone (tuesday). The only difference I'd seen was that the green LED would stay on for a few seconds when I first turned the screen off, but it would then go off. The setting for the "orange LED" to power on during REM sleep mode is set. Now, (maybe this didn't have anything to do with it) after adding a messaging skin, then removing it, the LED will NOT turn off when the screen is off whatsoever. If I change the setting in Treo Battery, it does, but that defeats the purpose of monitoring for a quick drain. I've tried soft resets, and that has not fixed it.

    I'd rather not have to hard reset this, but is that what I'm going to have to do? How can I fix this problem? If so, how can I back up my pictures, contacts and text messages before I do, so that I may restore these back to the phone.

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    Well, I took the battery out overnight, and the LED is not staying on continuously anymore. It still stays on for a maybe 4 seconds after I turn the screen off though when the radio is on, and a little shorter when it's off. Does anyone know a reason for this?

    And on the topic of backups, would NVBackup be my best bet for the Centro?

    Thanks again.

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