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    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about what software I should use to keep track of my assignments for college. I'm also planning on taking notes with my prism. I have the stowaway and have already bought wordsmith, the ultimate word processor for the palm OS. I was looking at 4.0 student and A+ student aid. But I can't decide. And I can't really give them a good test run because I haven't started yet and I would like to have a program that I know works quite well in the class room setting before I start. Thanks in advance.
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    I use Due Yesterday for my class assignments and grades. I like it because I can fill it in at the beginning of the semester with the outline the instructor hands out. I can key in how much each assignment weighs on my grade and at the end of the semester I can determine what grade I need to make on the final to obtain that coveted "A" for the course, so far it has been correct. Check it out:
    Due Yesterday
  3. #3 4.0Student (formerly Forget about the online subscription that HandMark is pushing heavily...the actual PDA software itself is the gem. With it you can also set the weight of assignments, designate the number of assignment drops your professor may grant, and keep track of upcoming and overdue (but you'll turn everything in on time of course) assignments. And you can play 'what if' with your grades.

    Try both programs out and see which one just fits you better...
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