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    I am using One Touch w a Visor Edge PDA + Visor phone. Suddenly I am getting the following error msg.:
    DIUtilities.c Line:311
    Invalid index

    and I have to soft reset.
    Any cure for that?
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    This won't help you, but I had a similar problem with my One-Touch a few weeks ago (DIINTERFACE.C.LINE: 241, INVALID INDEX). I assume you're using a Thinmodem Plus. I e-mailed JPSystems support, but never heard back from them. The problem arose whenever I tried to send mail, I would get the error, and then have to reset. Luckily, it sent the e-mail anyway, but it was a pain. It happened when I had a long list of mail in my outbox. Once I got through them, the problem inexplicably went away and never came back again.

    You may also want to try taking out your Thinmodem and putting it back in again.

    Hope this helps in some remotely small way.
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    Your answer did help me. At least I know (I think) what it is.
    I have a Visor phone and my Inbox list got pretty long. The error occurs everytime I am checking my email.
    However I will try and move the files from the inbox or possibly delete them.
    JP' support really sucks. I contacted them twice already and . . . .
    They must eat their emails.
    What the heck I will use Multimail if I can't get it to run.

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