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    I feel trapped by my YEARS of data that sits in the Palm Desktop software to which I hotsync. I fear the Palm OS devices will be gone soon and I will have to transition to another brand/type of device.

    I think the first step to planning ahead for that will be changing where my information lives on my computer. Anyone have advice about how to sync to a fresh copy of Outlook - which I'm told is then able to sync to other types of devices? Anyone been through this too, successfully? Thanks for any advice - tech support reps tell me different info every time I ask!
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    Depending on which version of the Palm desktop you currently have installed, it can be as simple as going to Start (on your pc), Palm / Sync conduits and changing it to Outlook. Then just perform a hotsync and your Outlook will populate with all your pim data.

    If an older Palm desktop and you don't have the Conduit options, just reinstall the Palm desktop and when prompted choose "sync with Outlook."

    Couldn't be easier.

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