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    It appears each time I sync my treo 700p it gives me a different group of contacts. My contact list is about 4,000 (work, government, & personal). My old Treo 600 would handle up to 7,000. Does anyone know if there is a limit on the 700p?
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    i have same issue on 700p with 3000 contacts. tek support says there is no limit theoretically, that device can handle amount but that it "cant handle well". mine sticks and labors to-find-delete and close in contacts. and they cannot fix problem.
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    Wow! Just out of curiousity if you don't mind. Do either of you actually contact all of those contacts or do a broadcast type of email to all of them?

    I only have about 400 contacts and I don't contact all of them, but it is nice to have for reference if ever needed.
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    27,000 total but 10000 per PIM (Calendar, Contacts, Memos, etc). Repeating events count towards this for each.

    I hope this helps.

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