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    I have exchange at work and would normally use outlook web (at work). I was able to get emails/contacts/appts through wireless sync. Once I decided to use outlook 2007 (desktop)..:

    - I get emails on both my phone and outlook, but if I use my phone to check the incoming mail, it gets deleted in outlook. This was not the case in outlook web

    - My contacts/calendar dont sync on outlook 2007

    I must admit, I am fairly new to using outlook07 and the only reason I switched from the web version, was that its more robust.

    Am i missing something here?

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    Do you have it set up as an Exchange server on your Centro? It shouldn't have anything to do with your desktop client.

    I use 2007 at home, and have my Centro syncing with the Exchange server through Versamail, and my 800w also syncing to the Exchange server - no issues.

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