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    First post to this board and didn't find anything via search--apologies in advance if this is a known issue and I missed it. (I did find a thread about Good and Treos on Sprint from 2007--but it didn't seem conclusive)

    Just got a Verizon account and a Centro. My company uses Goodlink to sync up with Exchange/Outlook. We support several Treo users with no problem. I'm the first with Centro.

    When I install Good. It freezes up on the Startup Screen. IT wiped the phone clean and reinstalled twice. No help there. They've tossed the problem back to me with the following comments:

    "Your ISP (Verizon) could be blocking a port (UDP 12000) that Goodlink uses for security reasons. The system could also be having problems serving the download. Unfortunately I donít have another phone to validate either."

    I've contacted Verizon and Good with no response yet. Found this forum and am hoping someone here can confirm using Good with a Centro on Verizon and/or helpor direction to where to find it.

    Thanks in advance for you assistance,

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    Hello Sir,

    I have been using the Centro with GMM on VZ for over 6 months without issue. Last week I had to replace my Centro with a new one and have my GM pin reset. On the new device it seems I am running into the same issue as you. I cannot sync services and am stuck on setup screen (downloading services 0%)

    Have you had any luck here? I believe that VZ may have started blocking ports recently as I have not had to run setup before and I beleive that UDP 12000 is only used for inital setup.
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