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    I am currently running pRevolt trial (free) version: ver.0.951
    I like the software and the way it changes the skin and it has so far (knock on wood) run smoothly.

    I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on purchasing the registered version.

    I am having the problems (that pRevolt lists on the home screen of the trial version) of the pRevolt skin sometimes reverting back to the original palm skin; which is quite annoying. I know they do this so they will get people to buy the full version (and it works!)...but I just wanted to make sure the upgrade was worth it, and that indeed this random reversion back to the original skin problem really stopped once the registered version is purchased.
    Also, are there other benifits to buying the registered version?

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    Anyone paid for pRevolt?
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    Probably most people here use SkinUI since tat one is free. It does make the phone a bit more flaky sometimes and causes a reset after hotsync.

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