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    is there a way to tell if my cord is at fault or my centro or my software is at fault for my palm to all of the sudden not be recognized by my computer? It still charges but it won't sync.
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    The only times I have experienced Hotsync issues over more than a decade have been immediately following Microsoft's pushing an update. There was one yesterday.

    I would start by checking that the USB port is functional with other devices.

    Next I would reinstall Palm Desktop over the existing version; make sure all running applications, especially firewall and antivirus, are OFF.
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    hmmm you mean off when I reinstall palm? Well, I did reinstall palm this morning and when I did it told me not to use a bunch of applications including Docstogo which I thought was ridiculous considering it came packaged on my Centro. I reinstalled the Palm desktop with only the basic sync programs - no SplashID or Callrec and it seemed to have worked - sync'd fine. But now I am using my Cardreader app and I'm getting the same "USB not recognized" alert in the bottom right and the phone disappears from Explorer. I just got it working again but I'm just concerned that this will become an ongoing problem. I ordered a new hot sync cord last night so I hope that helps but I'm not confident in that solution now. It definitely seems like some kind of software conflict. Please don't tell me it's the Cardreader app, I really can't live without that.

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