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    How do I totally turn off 755P ? With it on vibrate on night I hear it when I get emails, is there a way to totally silence it without taking the battery out? Thanks Dorothy
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    You can turn off the radio by pressing and holding the red key.
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    Or just turn off alerting for new mail...

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    How do I totally turn off 755P ?
    Hi Dot:
    To totally turn it off, press the phone button on the left, and unlock the keyboard as usual. When you see the Phone screen, press and hold the red "power/end" bar. If you've go the sound on (not in silent mode) you'll hear a short series of descending rings. That will tell you the phone is off.

    In the morning, do the same thing - press the phone button, unlock the keyboard, then press and hold the power/end bar. If it's not in silent mode you'll hear the same rings but ascending. Your phone is now on.

    Have a great day!

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