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    I have Treo 680 that I am not using cause it wont hold a charge or charge right cause the charge port on is messed up, but the lcd is in excellent condition. if anyone has an unlocked or ATT locked 680 with a broken screen but works and they want to get rid of let me know or if you want to keep your treo and need an lcd screen maybe we can talk. My email is

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    Have you tried getting a new battery for it? Depending on usage the average cellphone/ smartphone battery life is 2-4 years. You might just have a bad battery.
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    Yes I bought a new battery and it will only charge with my pc's sync cable. That does me no good when I'm away from my pc. I found out it's my charging port on the phone and I don't want to go through spending $45 for a port and trying to unsolder and solder. I could do more harm than good. That's why I just went back to my 650 till I could get another 680 or better.
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    You can cell the broken 680 on Ebay.
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    I found out I could just charge my 680 from my pc and it charges all the way up. So I will just be charging my 680 that way till it dies all the way then I will just replace it. I like the 680 cause it plays 8gb cards and I have an 8gb card with 16 full length movies on it and they play great. Now I have a 650 for back up.
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    I had that problem too. After a couple years having it, it just gradually stopped taking much of a charge, and when it did charge, it didn't even last one day. So I got another battery, and that fixed the problem. You might want to try that, maybe you know another fella thats got a treo he can lend you his battery to see if that's fix it for you.
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    Did you get the Seidio battery?

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