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    In the quest to rid myself of unnecessary conduits, AvantGo and Eye2 were at the top of my list. With EyeSplit and the MemPlug, the Eye2 conduit is out of the way. Now with the PalmOS Emulator(POSE), I've done away with subjecting my visor to 10-15 minute syncs. By simply loading AvantGo, libmal, and AGConnect(MobileLink) onto the emulator, initiating a Network update of AvantGo, and exporting AvGoDocsMQ, my VDX's battery-sucking time in the cradle is reduced to about a minute to PInstall my AvantGo docs or zero if I just dump the .PDB directly to my CF reader/writer then plugging the CF into my MemPlug.

    A bit more trouble, sure, but it's worth it to me because it seems to improve battery life and makes the visor available to me when it would normally be stuck syncing in the cradle.
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    Oh, I get it.
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    10-15 minute hotsynchs?!?! Holy...

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