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    I have a problem with the Centro that has only happened twice, but it was pretty bad. I usually drain my battery down to about 70-60% on a typical day. I then charge it by leaving it on the charger overnight. During normal daily usage I found that my battery was down to about 40% a few days ago. I thought that was weird, so I soft reset. After the reset it still was draining fast (it went down to about 20% in 10 minutes). I made sure that my internet connection was not active and soft reset again. That seemed to fix it because it stayed at 20% for the next hour or two.

    This exact same thing happened twice so far, and I think it is just weird.

    I have the time function set to "do nothing" so it is not that time resetting drain that has been talked about here.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    Have you tried installing Power Hero? That will auto-off just about anything, & it has quite a few different options to automatically do when the battery drain rate is unusually high.
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    Make sure you turn off bluetooth when you're not using your headset, it burns power seeking a connection.
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    Also, on the days when it drains fast, do you happen to be in a place where you have a poor signal? Searching for a signal can kill your battery at an annoyingly fast rate :-/
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    did you used you headset with Centro that day!
    There is a common problem with headset that happenes from time to time, so please do this trick:
    insert your headset jack into yout centro and twist it twice and remove the jack from your centro.
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    I don't use a head set and I always have bluetooth turned off. But what is interesting is the comment about the poor service area. I think that may explain my problem. I do think that I was in an area with poor coverage. I am going to experiment and see if that was the problem.
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    I'll post this for general info, since it doesnt sound like it applies to the original question, but for work I always leave the Centro on vibrate. I have my side button set to "play/pause" for pocketTunes, and have on occasion started playing music but didnt know it because my phone was on vibrate, and that combined with Chatter and phone calls will drain a battery real quick!
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    mine did this the other day...what fixed it was a soft reset while on the charger

    I read that resets the charging circuits or something to that effect...anyway it stopped the bleeding and it seems to be acting normally now
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    Mine used to drain really fast when I had the time set automatically. I unchecked it and I noticed quite a difference.
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    My GSM unlocked Centro sometimes drains the battery really fast (2-3 hours from full to empty, very annoying if it happens when I do not look at it and make a soft reset before it's too late...)

    It seems (but I'm not really sure) that it happens when I make or receive a phone call and I'm not the first to hang-up at the end of the conversation; it's like the Centro thinks the call is still going on if the line is closed from the other side, so the battery gets drained very quickly....

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickf126 View Post
    But what is interesting is the comment about the poor service area. I think that may explain my problem. I do think that I was in an area with poor coverage. I am going to experiment and see if that was the problem.
    Yea, after saying that I've been in the hospital for 3 days & hospitals are notorious for blocking service. My fiancee & I had to charge each of our Centros like 4 times a day. They were also running incredibly laggy. To fix the problem, I just forced roam & disabled EVDO, since the constant double network-switching is what was causing the lags/drain.
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    Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce the battery drain problem that I had. It seems like all is well for now. I have decided that I am not going to worry about it for now because it appears to have been a fluke. Anyway I am holding out with my Centro until Verizon get the Pre next year (fingers crossed). After that I will just give it away.

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