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    I had started to have more system resets a few months ago. After reviewing all the info, I decided to upgrade the firmware to 1.08. I thought I did not have any significant problems, but it seems the resets continued. At first not too bad, primarily in the morning after phone had sat without use, the phone would reset upon attempting to use data service or texting. I could live with that.

    Then I noticed that I was receiving texts from a friend and when i attempted to open the text or reply, my system would reset. Very frustrating. Also unable to delete these "corrupted" texts. I hard reset and tried to fix with little progress. I just stopped opening texts from certain phones.

    Now today, the phone has reset 10 times this morning alone. I wasn't doing much, using pockettunes to listen to an audiobook, with phone on, it keep resetting every few minutes. I turned phone off, and could listen to book just fine. Then I noticed that phone might be resetting every time a text was received. Again phone off, no texts, no problem.

    I did a hard reset and everything working for the moment (although haven't synced yet as i am at work). I did a search and it is interesting that verizon 755p has a patch for a situation just like this, but not sprint.

    Anybody experience anything similar or have any ideas? I noted someone downgrade to 1.07. I don't have many 3rd party apps so doubt it is that. I use facebook for palm. I have audio gateway but don't use it that much. Was not using it today. I might have 1 game direct from palm store.

    I love my phone, but am so frsutrated by the constant resets and would like to have full text function again. Any help appreciated!
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    I had the same problem. I went to the Sprint store twice, the second time they told me I had a bad phone, and replaced it for me. They gave me a new phone, not a reconditioned one that had the 1.07 firmware on it. It reset on me several times in the first couple of days, then I did the 1.08 upgrade. That is the Sprint equivilant to the Verzion patch. Since then it has only done it to me once. I would try working with your Sprint tech support and leaning on them to get you a new handset.

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