I may be pretty late to the game, but maybe others out there are, too.

It wasn't that long ago that I found out (or rediscovered) that the little button with the magnifying glass was for finding items on the Treo. Even then, I used it with little success, as it usually didn't find whatever I was searching for.

Only recently have I noticed that the "Find more" option is not an option to enter new search terms, but more like a "show next page of results" option. Now I see that this button is similar to the universal search feature that we heard would be on the Pre.

Examples follow.
Here's how I used it most recently:
1) Frequently, while streaming internet podcasts via Kinoma, the sound stops (although the counter is still progressing). So I use Kinoma's option to download/save the podcast, then I reopen it via PTunes. Sometimes, though, the naming format changes. One day it'll be under "This American Life" but another day it'll be under "unknown" or, on yet another day, it's under one of the producer's names.

This makes it hard to find the podcast to play it - sometimes impossible to find.

The podcast number, though, is often somewhere in the name. Now that I know about this universal search I can search for the podcast number and it even gives me the option of what to use to open the files it finds - Kinoma, PTunes, UniCMD, even an option to search Google or GoogleMaps.

2) I tried to install the latest free version of Pocket Express over the air, but for some reason the phone saved it differently on my 755p than on my lady's. I couldn't find it anywhere. Now that I know about this Find feature AND that it works with UniCMD, I can perform a search to find the prc file and have UniCMD install it. That's just what I did and it worked perfectly.