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    I had a 650P and using Audio Gateway (A2DP) and pTunes to listen to music on my Motorola HT820 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. It was great!!

    I switched to a 700P and it would start to play but I could not switch between the different programs while the music was playing. Was almost like the Treo was frozen, after a minute or 2 would change to the first button I pressed then the music stopped and I had to reset to do anything.

    I upgraded the Audio Gateway and pTunes - Thinking that would work - but it still is not working. Actually seems worse

    Any ideas?
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    something is wrong with my ptunes 5.0 and totally messed up my phone in the last 48 hours ( it actually reverted itself back to some 3.0 edition and unregistered me even ) - ive finally just re-installed 4.06 and phone seems to be ok again ..

    it started by telling me over and over that my internal memory is low and could not save info - i had PLENTY of memory and nothing has changed on my phone. i started deleting everything off the phone memory and still, id get that message and then it started resetting itself - and then the p-tunes reverted to the older version - its been crazy but now that 5.0 is gone, it SEEMS to be ok again

    edit: the point of that was -which version of ptunes are you using? ive used Audio Gateway on my 700P for sometime and works great but maybe its the ptunes messing up for you
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