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    I never had any sync problems with sync for almost 10 years, but since I moved to 700p and now Centro I can't keep it working.

    When I sync, it just ignores the calendar and datebk. No errors (I used to have that problem) or messages. Just acts like everything is fine, but nothing happens!

    I searched all over websites and was really disappointed in the little I found. The best I found was to try a warm reset. This worked, but it's not an acceptable solution since I have to open the Centro for the warm rest, then sync, and then do another reset to enable the radio.

    What is the root cause of this problem? Why hasn't Palm been able to identify this and publish a solid fix for this? Solid syncing is one of the main things that made the Palm platform so much better than the alternatives, but now it's unreliable.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Anyone? I'm still having to do the warm-reset;sync;reset every time. Anyone care about Centros / POS anymore? The Pre is cool, but it's missing a lot I used on my Centro, so it's not an option until there are several additions to WebOS / apps.


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