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    I have question regrading for custom rom.

    I want to be able to remove Phone application and and functionality from my device for testing new custom rom and i don't know exactly which files to remove from device that control modem activity.

    I also need that device will not have the ablity to turn on the phone at all.
    In the end, it will be simple PDA but without phone activity.

    I will appreciate if someone can assist on this.

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    I'm using my 650 that way. I just pulled the SIM card and put it into the Centro. The phone app is still there, but never gets used. You can use OnLaunch to set it not to default to the phone app.

    The phone part doesn't turn on without the SIM card, so no problems there.

    The great thing about it is that if I ever need to call 911 I could still turn on the phone and do so. Also, if I had another SIM, like when traveling overseas, I could use it in the phone.

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