Man I'll be ding danged if I can find a solution to this. I think I've read every post there is too.

Trying to sync my contracts with Outlook 2007. First, this is basically a new install of Palm 6.2.2 and Hotsync Manager 7.0.2. I got everything to sync correctly except my Contacts. At first it doubled all my contacts in Outlook. So I sorted them all out in Outlook and proceeded to delete them all off my Palm figuring that I'd sync it back with "desktop overwrites handheld" command. That didn't work ultimately. I read that you could delete the AddressDB using Filez and that would delete all your contacts, but it didn't even after a soft reboot. Then after some messing around I got them deleted off my Palm by deleting the four Address files out of C:\Documents and Settings\gpshemi\My Documents\Palm OS Desktop\gpshemi\address and then syncing. So now they're all gone out of the Palm. Good deal.

However, no amount of effort seems to get them sync'ed back in again. Now...what's it take to get the corrected contacts into my Palm from Outlook. I've tried syncing with "desktop overwrites handheld" and that's not working. I even put the original four Address files back in and sync'ed that way again to see if they'd come back and they don't. So I'm completely lost now. I have no contacts in the Palm, Outlook looks great, and nothing seems to work despite it being the same way as set up.