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    I just got an Unlocked Centro from Palm on Friday and I have noticed a couple of issues and was wondering if anyone had any ideas:

    1) Sometimes when trying to dial a number by pressing the green button after finding a contact I get no response. It's almost like the machine is locked up but I can do other things like go another app and then come back and try again so it's not truly locked up. I usually try really quickly 2 or 3 times and then I give up and wait and after 5-10 seconds it finally starts calling as if there was a delayed reaction to one of the times I hit the green button. Most of the time it starts calling instantly when I push the green button.

    2) Sometimes my quick key doesn't work. I'll go to the phone app and try to press down the 1 key for voice mail and it just won't work. I have a feeling it's related to my first problem.

    I have less than 250 contacts and no other problems. I do have some apps installed but no app related resets yet. I have taken the battery out to see if that fixed my problems but I still get it on occasion.

    Thanks for any help!
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    Its the notorious freeze lag that some on here say dont exist.

    Ive got the same problem on mine and its been like that for almost a year now.

    You could take a backup and then do a hard reset to see if it works without any applications in it but don't hope to much. Ive tested mine a lot this week and it occurs no matter what, freshly reset or fully installed with applications.

    Since the warranty is running out on mine Ive issued an RMA but whats the point when it happens with a branding spanking new device. Refund seems more appropiate.

    Give yours ago but if it gets annoying consider getting a refund as you will only get more and more annoyed about the lag/freeze on incoming missed calls or outgoing delayed calls.
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    Thanks I now realize that this is discussed just about EVERYWHERE I just didn't realize it was the same problem. Very annoying. I have installed Reset Doctor and explicitly chosen my GSM Network (instead of Auto).. these are the only two potential fixes for this that I have found around on the web. Hope one of these works!!
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    The manual selection of network didnt work for me and today I had what must be a new record in lag.

    I press speeddial for my parents number who I was visiting for dinner.
    The phone is lagging so its not making the call.

    We then proceed to have dinner and when finished and watching TV my parents phone rings.
    On the caller display it says its my phone ringing. It must have been like 45 minutes between when I pressed the speeddial and until it made the call.

    Hilarous and at the same time very, very sad.
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    Oddly enough I didn't have the lag issue today.. although my usage today was a little unusual (made and received way more calls than usual). Reset Doctor never had to flush cache i always had at least 15 megs free and the default is to flush when it gets down to 5 megs.

    I did notice that my screen would turn on every 20 minutes or so (for just a few seconds) when I was driving so maybe it never went into the 'deep' sleep mode which some say causes the problem.

    Also I have never had it lag on an incoming call. But then again I've probably only received 5-10 phone calls since getting the phone.

    I'll see how tomorrow goes.

    45 minutes is definitely unacceptable
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    After two days of perfect dialing and receiving.. my Centro started acting up a lot tonight. 3 calls in a row over a 2 hour time period that I tried to dial out lagged for about a minute or two. I just tested an incoming call and it was my first missed call due to lag. I guess I'll go through the process of doing a hard reset to see if it has these issues without ever doing a hotsync

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