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    I used several Treo in the past (600, 650, 700P & 680). I just picked up a used 680.

    Phone is in good condition but I am running into some problems. I can't get it to Sync. I have checked all settings on the phone and in active sync. I downloaded the latest Palm Desktop (Version 6.2.2) and when I press the sync buddon on the cable, it just sits there until it fails.

    Also, not able to browse the web. When I try to go to a web site, it wants me to download and asks if I want to save it to the phone or card. What would be causing this?

    I did reset the 680 when I got it to remove all the users info. TIA!!
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    wonder if the sync cables bad.
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    I was thinking the same thing at first but I do get the popup and sound from the treo when I plug it in. Also charging works from the cable.
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    I suppose that you have tried initiating the sync from the on-screen button of the sync program?
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    I was finally able to get it to sync on a different machine. I still have no idea why it will not on my main machine. It is very frustrating because I have to pull out my Laptop each time I want to install something, backup etc. Thanks for the suggestions all!!
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    Chris Luce
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    you're using a PC? it sounds a lot like you haven't configured HotSync to use the USB port.
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    This is the exact same problem that me and another user are having. I have to sync it to my laptop everytime i want to use it. Its like something happened overnight but no updates were installed to change the current settings. I put it down to software conflicts but the other user hasn't had any.

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