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    I got home from work and noticed that the screen wa lit up, so I looked at it, was apparently just trying to sync. It was in the sync screen just kept trying to sync over and over again. So, I disconnected the battery and put it back in. From then, it just refuses to come back on. I tried removing battery and replacing, plugging into wall charger, and plugging in with the sync cable to my pc... NOTHING. It feels warm however like its charging or something, but thats it. Anyone had this issues, or any magical button sequences I can do... I'm lost. I'm about to call sprint and tell them I lost it so they'll send me another for the $50 deductable...
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    I just had this happen to me too... my daughter got a hold of the phone and slobbered all over it. She's done it a few times and usually I just keep the battery out for awhile and then it will work again later. It always tries to sync by itself (I guess because she drooled on the connection part)

    But this last time she had it for awhile and it just wasn't working again.. After putting the battery back in a few times and checking, it stopped turning on.. the screen was dark and the little light was red. I waited a few more days, and it would turn on and then freeze up, I'd remove the battery and try again and it would be dark. I finally just used the insurance and had it replaced.

    I haven't had either problem (the repeatedly trying to sync or dark screen) any other time, only when it gets wet. So I can't say yours got wet, but it's the only thing I know that causes it. And it doesn't take much to make it try to sync over and over.

    I realize this is a bit old, but I thought I'd add my story just in case anyone else has a similar problem.
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    Its water damage.
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    happened to me last week. Got a litttle water on the centro. keys jammed for a few hours and then ( after drying i guess) it came back.
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    The sync issue IS linked to a small amount of moisture getting into where the contacts are at the bottom of the device. However, If you take it into a repair center and have a tech clean it before it completely blacks out you should be able to avoid the death of the phone. I'm a service and repair tech and have saved many palms by doing this. P.S. don't say anything about possible water damage.

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