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    I recently needed to reinstall Documents to Go (Version 2.0). When I ran the install, it asked for my Activation Number and Registration Key, which worked fine. The first time I launched the program it asked for that information again, and again it worked fine. When I go to load the program from the icon it asks AGAIN for the Activation Number and Key, and this time it claims it is invalid (after saying twice previously in the routine that it was valid.

    Any ideas?
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    I've not had your problem, but had another minor one myself with DTG. I found their tech support pretty quick and helpful.
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    I'm running 4.0 and had 3.x before that: are you installing the Palm software by going to desktop/Documents to GO program and telling it to re-install the Palm software? If you are reinstalling by going to the Palm Backup directory and double-clicking or using the Palm install program to replace the software then I've had the same problem.

    Use the Docs to Go option from Help menu (Ver 4.0) and pick menu "Reinstall Handheld Applications" this will probably work.

    Hope this helps but you are running an older version then mine so I'm not sure of the menu options.

    By the Way, the new version has color support for both the Word, Excel and the new Powerpoint program plus includes the Dataviz Mail option which, if you option, takes any mail attachments and converts them, even PDF files.

    I'm not working for Dataviz - just thought you should know. You should be able to upgrade fairly inexpensively at the Dataviz site.
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    It is the Desktop App that won't install; the program is installed on the handheld fine.

    Color is a great addition, but I have a VDX, so it doesn't matter. You know, I am still far from sold on the need for a color screen.

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